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(Video) And Another One! Kanye Rants About His Similarities To The Greats While In Paris


Clearly this is a “thing” of Kanye’s, as he’s had a rant (or a screaming episode) every night of his overseas shows thus far. Tonight he found himself in Paris at Le Zénith, where he revealed he’s working on new music (yay!) and compared himself to Picasso, Walt Disney and Steve Jobs. Watch video

Kanye West Screams And Slams Mic After London Concert


Kanye West was a bit out of character Sunday night as he closed his set at the Hammersmith Apollo in London.
The outspoken hip-hop artist known for his tantrums and rants spent his last moments on stage uttering a piercing, ear-clutching scream as his final song “Touch The Sky” faded.
After repeating the lyrics “top of the world” multiple times, he first appeared to be elongating a note, similar to a singer’s vocal run. When he ran out of breath, he made subsequent attempts, each growing more erratic, angrier and disturbing.
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Kim Kardashian Admits Kanye Comes Before Her Family Now

In a preview for a new episode of Kim & Kourtney Take Miami, Kim admits to her family — Kourtney, Kris Jenner, and Bruce Jenner, that she does in fact put Kanye before them at this stage of her life. They were talking about a boat race competition that Kim backed out of for Kanye but wanted to opt back in after plans with him fell through, which made them feel like they were second in her life.
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Kanye West’s Popularity Is Crashing, According To Poll Data


Kanye West’s likability is on the decline, and many are chalking it up to the so-called “Kardashian curse.” It may sound silly, but real data taken from Nielson showed a notable drop in popularity for the Kardashian sisters’ other boyfriends — Lamar Odom, Reggie Bush and Kris Humphries. Could ‘Ye be heading down the same path to relative obscurity?
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(Photos & Video) Another WTF Is Kanye Wearing Moment Last Night At His Revel Concert

Last night Kanye West performed at Revel in Atlantic City and seemed to put on a dope show, like he always does. Twitter was buzzing as he took the stage about some weird mask thing that Yeezy was wearing, but I didn’t really believe it. That was until the pictures on Instagram began and it was confirmed that he was in fact wearing some kind of crazy white, feather looking mask and kind of looked like Falkor, the luckdragon, from The Neverending Story which has been dubbed as Kanyeti. Kanye also took the stage in what looked like a diamond net over his face. Besides the interesting masks, Yeezy had some great, visual backdrops even making it snow inside of the concert. When Yeezy wore the kilt during the Watch The Throne Tour and the 12/12/12 concert, I didn’t really question, but this is a whole different ballgame leaving me wondering WTF is Kanye thinking with some of this. Check out pics in the gallery and video of Yeezy in the masks below.
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Kanye West Was Left Off The 12.12.12 Concert Album, Even Though He Performed!

Was it the kilt?! LOL. Despite a lengthy set at last week’s 12.12.12 Benefit for Hurricane Sandy concert, Kanye West was not included on the live album that was released this past Tuesday. No reason has been identified just yet, as neither Columbia (the label that’s distributing the album) nor Kanye’s camp have responded to Billboard‘s request for a comment. Though it seems messed up, it could actually be Yeezy’s own decision to not be included, perhaps for monetary reasons, legal reasons or something else. People are saying he was unhappy with his performance, so it might just be a perfectionist sort of thing! I’m sure the answer will soon come to the light!

Pusha T Debut Album: “Is In Kanye’s Hands Now”


It’s all in ‘Ye’s hands now, or that’s what Pusha T says when it comes to his hotly-anticipated debut LP, My Name Is My Name. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper has handed over all his new music to producer and G.O.O.D. Music clique-master Kanye West. Pusha sat down backstage with VIBE at the magazine’s V-Mix concert last night in New York City and confirmed some of the album details. He even gave Cruel Winter a little shout-out too … kinda.

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