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Miami Club Comps Heat How Much Worth Of Alcohol??

It’s nice to be famous. Once your able to afford pretty much whatever you want, it is usually given to you for free. After the Heat won the NBA Championship last night they all went to club Story in Miami. The owner, who also happens to own club Liv, where the Heat partied last year after winning the title decided he was not going to charge the team for bottles of champagne. The players ordered 100 bottles of Dom Perignon and 3 separate 3 liter bottles of champagne. Each bottle of Dom is sold for $850 in the club and the 3 liters bottles are $5,000 each!! Well Damn! Now we all know clubs markup the price of bottles like crazy so the value isn’t as much as it seems, but to the club that was a total of over $100,000!! The owner said no way was he going to charge the Heat after they just turned Miami into an all night party. He ain’t stupid, he knows the players being there was good for business anyway.