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@DrayaFace Is Getting Her Breast Implants REMOVED!?

Since our introduction to her via music videos and blog sites years ago, model/reality star/fashion designer Draya Michele has completely switched up her look, her attitude and her lifestyle. It’s refreshing to see someone come from a negative situation and turn it completely positive, now making a living for not only herself, but her son and her mother as well. Taking to Twitter this week, Draya revealed that come September, she’d be ridding herself of yet another remnant of her past – her breast implants! Citing them as “skanky” and “out of style,” Draya explained that smaller breasts look better on skinny women, particularly in modeling, and that it’s the route that she plans to take. Hit the jump to check out her tweets Continue reading @DrayaFace Is Getting Her Breast Implants REMOVED!?