Ohio Radio Station Censors LeBron From Jay-Z’s Song!!

Can you say bitter much!!!??? Cleveland isn’t taking LeBron leaving the Cavs well at all! Ohio radio station 96.5 KISS FM is making sure that his name is banned from the airways in every way. They have gone as far to remove his name from Jay’s Empire State of Mind–”if Jeezy’s paying LeBron, I’m paying Dwayne Wade”. Radio personality Joel “Java” Murphy had this to say about the censoring of LeBron’s name:

Diddy May Be Banned From Hotel After Last Night’s Fire Incident

Sources connected with the hotel say they are meeting today to discuss what happened inside Diddy’s hotel room when a model’s hair caught fire. We’re told the incident violates hotel regulations and hotel honchos may ban Diddy permanently from the hotel.

Our sources say hotel management knew nothing about the incident until it was posted on Ustream yesterday.

The London — the hottest hotel in New York City — is particularly concerned because it attracts a huge number of high-profile clients, and management wants everyone who stays there to know the hotel is a safe place.

As one hotel honcho fumed, “We are not happy with Diddy.”

20 Lessons We Learned From Celebs in 2010

They say those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Well, let’s just say we learned a thing (or 20) in 2010 based on the actions of our favorite celebrities — and we won’t soon forget them. From LeBron James to Eminem to Nicki Minaj, these are the lessons we’ll definitely take with us as we move forward into 2011.

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