J. Cole Expresses Frustration With Roc Nation Not Releasing His Album Yet

“Man, I thought my album would’ve been out right around now. But one thing I’ve learned in this game is you never know anything. I remember when they gave me the release date of October 26. I was so hyped. But I soon knew that wasn’t gonna happen. I haven’t even had a consistent three weeks in the studio. I’m blessed enough to be able to go out on the road. I get a good week in the studio but then I’m off for a show. But I still managed to pull off what I think is an incredible album.”

Ohio Radio Station Censors LeBron From Jay-Z’s Song!!

Can you say bitter much!!!??? Cleveland isn’t taking LeBron leaving the Cavs well at all! Ohio radio station 96.5 KISS FM is making sure that his name is banned from the airways in every way. They have gone as far to remove his name from Jay’s Empire State of Mind–”if Jeezy’s paying LeBron, I’m paying Dwayne Wade”. Radio personality Joel “Java” Murphy had this to say about the censoring of LeBron’s name:

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