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(Video) Lil B Talks James Harden Curse

This is hilarious. Last night, the Houston Rockets fell to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Western Conference Finals. Many credit the victory to Lil B for putting a hex on Rockets star, James Harden. Before the game, The Based God called CBS Sports to speak on the curse and beef with Oklahoma City Thunder forward, Kevin Durant. Hit the jump to check out the video Continue reading (Video) Lil B Talks James Harden Curse

(Video) Macklemore Has a Very Awkward Moment on This Is Hot 97

LOL! Macklemore stops by Hot 97 to chat things up with Ebro, and the two try to ponder over who would be a great artist to have at the station for a taping of, “This is Hot 97!” – You know, a chart topping, sell-out arenas type of artist – Any one but Macklemore. Check it out after the jump.

(Video) Man Throws Massive Tantrum Over Winner of WWE Royal Rumble

Yikes, somebody didn’t get the memo that professional wrestling is completely scripted and fake. A fully grown and very large dude had a complete meltdown after wrestler Batista won the WWE Royal Rumble on Sunday night, and proceeded to storm around his sparsely furnished apartment sobbing and breaking stuff.

His sister or girlfriend (lol) filmed the tantrum while giggling as the melodrama unfolded.

Watch it all below. Continue reading (Video) Man Throws Massive Tantrum Over Winner of WWE Royal Rumble

(Video) Kids Prank Drug Dealers Into Thinking They’re Cops

If you’re in the mood for some hilarious YouTube videos, the VitalyzdTV channel has plenty of them. In one of their recent pranks, two kids from Vitalyzd walk up to people they think are drug dealers and solicit them for drugs. When the dealers confirm they can get the drugs, the two guys pretend like they’re cops. Predictably, the dealers haul a** away from the scene each time in hysterical fashion. Check it out above.

(Video) Job Interviewees Pranked Badly in New 82-Inch “Ultra HD” TV Ad

LG Electronics in Chile utilized a very interesting method to let the world know just how crisp and realistic images are on their new and the world’s first 84 inch “Ultra HDTV”. They brought multiple job applicants into a fake office to be interviewed for a job and set up one of the 84-inch TVs so it appeared to be a window.

Hidden cameras were set in place all over the office and captured the unscripted and priceless reactions of the individuals being pranked, as they watched an extremely realistic scene of the streets outside of the building get destroyed by a meteor. After the fear factor part was over, they were exposed to the prank and the Ultra HDTV screen they were watching the whole time.