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Happy 4/20!! Here’s a History of Why Today Means What It Does

Happy 4/20 folks!! For those living under a rock…today is a day dedicated to that sticky icky (as our guy Snoop would say LOL). I don’t smoke but I’m totally pro-legalizing weed and have many, many homies that smoke so put one in the air!! We’re going to be posting some great songs to smoke to throughout the day. I used to smoke for like, 6 months my sophomore year of college (thought I was cool…LOL) so I have a couple faves as well. After the jump, find out the significance of the date “4/20″ and let us know what YOUR favorite smoking songs are as well and we’ll get them up!

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10 Most Violent States, Do You Live In One?

The Institute for Economics and Peace released their report of the ten most violent states in the U.S. The violence is measured by the number of homicides, violent crimes, people in jail, and number of police officers per 100,00 people along with the general availability of small arms.

Find out if your state is on the list after the jump!

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Tomorrow (March 31st) is “No Gas Day”

Facebook has done some pretty amazing things. Anything from reuniting lost loves and old friends to creating a revolution in oppressed countries. I want to see if we can organize an event to reach as many people as possible to have a day designated to boycott all gas stations across the planet.

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10 Love Commandments

Love is such a powerful word. It can make the well man sick and the sick man well. At the same time though, you’ve probably told yourself “I will never again…” after some particularly bad break-up. Love can be complex, so here we offer a few commandments everyone should keep in mind while loving, being loved, or even looking for love.

Continue reading and see if you agree!

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