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Evander Holyfield vs. Sherman “Tank” Williams Jan 22. | Oh yea im having a party!!!

The Evander Holyfield fight against Sherman “Tank” Williams will be held at the Greenbrier Resort next month.

The fight will be held at the four-star resort in southeastern West Virginia on Jan. 22. The event will include six other fights.
Holyfield is a four-time heavyweight champion. The 48-year-old boxer says he will keep fighting until he regains the world heavyweight title.

Holyfield also is scheduled to face Denmark’s 45-year-old Brian Nielsen in Copenhagen, Denmark, on March 5.

“Who The F**k Is Justin Bieber???” Says Ozzy Osbourne LMAO

Just when you thought everybody has Bieber fever… In a recent interview with FUSE TV, Ozzy Osbourne was asked what he’s listening to know-a-days. Now we all know that Ozzy isn’t listening to the happy go lucky teenage hair flippin’ sensation but we would think he’s at least of heard Justin Bieber… Right???