Meet Artist: Infamous Ty

Too much sauce!!!

Artist Infamous Ty brings a lot of energy to the stage. I met this artist on the DJ Pest stage in New York a few weeks back. I wanted to introduce you to one of the hottest up and coming artist from Brooklyn.

Check out the Q&A below…

Tell the people about yourself.

Ima Unsigned Hiphop Artist from Brooklyn new york ima versatile artist i make conscious music, hip hop, trap, club, love breakup music im 28 years old with dreams and aspirations on being one of the biggest artist in the music industry

How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music for over 10 years i started taking it serious in year of 2011 by being in the studio and putting out mixtapes on

What are your music goals?

my music goal is to do a nationwide tour worldwide tour, have my music chart on the billboards win awards at the award shows and be one of the biggest artist in the music industry

Who or what inspires you to create music?

pro era artist dessy hinds inspired me to make music while i was in high school along with 2 pac, biggie smalls, lloyd banks, 50 cent, fabolous, cassidy

Now you know I have to ask, who are your top 3 favorite artists?

2 pac, biggie, lloyd banks

Where can people find your music?

the fans and new supporters can find my music on all dsp they can stream #TooMuchSauce And My new project #TheWarmUp3

Check out his latest EP “The Warmup Part 3” in rotation on UChoice Radio

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