Meet Artist: Delayna

Late Bloomer is a vibe!

I met Delayna in New York while she was performing on the DJ Pest stage, I must say “VIBE!” After listening to her latest project Late Bloomer I wanted to introduce her to you with a Q&A.

Check out the interview below…

Tell the people about yourself.

I’m from CT originally but I also lived in GA for like over a decade. I’ve been modeling for years now but more recently I started making my own music, painting and I dance a lil bit for fun. I love anything in the realm of the arts, I literally just live to create lol but anyone that truly knows me knows that music was always my 1st love lol

How long have you been making music?

Funny thing is I was always writing music as just “journal entries” for my own entertainment for years, i dnt even know how many but I really aint start actually recording my own music until the end of 2021 and then I just randomly decided to drop an EP in May 2022. The desire to start recording my music literally just came out of nowhere.

What are your music goals?

I guess my music goals would be to just touch as many people as I can, like im pretty sure I’m just here to make people feel something. When people listen to my music I want them to feel the joy and excitement I feel when I hear new music that I really love for the 1st time. My goal is to create music that’s uplifting and relateable but still authentic and in alignment with who I truly am all at the same time. My goal is to share my own unique perspective of the world through my artistic expression.

Who or what inspires you to create music?

Literally everything and everyone inspires me. I’m a fan of so many people my friends, my family members, people I follow on social media, my favorite artists etc. Nature inspires me, the sky, the stars, the oceans, the rivers, the trees, the animals. I’m constantly being inspired by my surroundings and the people around me 24/7. I’m constantly inspired by all the beautiful things that life has to offer.

Now you know I have to ask, who are your top 3 favorite artists?

Oh lawd, I just said I’m literally inspired by everyone and I love almost every genre of music to narrow it down is crazy but ima do my best. Lol I can’t lie I don’t have a top 3 its more like a top 50 but ima say the 1st 3 that comes to mind Chris Brown, Aaliyah, J. Cole …this feels so wrong because there’s so many more that are on the same level as them as far as my faves go.

Where can people find your music?

My music can be found on all platforms it’s called “Late Bloomer” I recently changed my artist name to Delayna F.N. (stands for Delayna For Now). Link is in my bio on my IG account @layna.almighty.

Check out her latest EP “Late Bloomer” in rotation on UChoice Radio

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