(MUSIC VIDEO) Benny The Butcher, ElCamino, Rick Hyde & Heem – SAINT MAURICE

The Black Soprano Family keeps it moving with their new single, “Saint Maurice” performed by Benny The Butcher, Heem, Rick Hyde, and ElCamino. 

Along with the release, the Mercenary-directed video centers the B$F members on a rooftop, an empty auditorium and a parking garage boasting their success and addressing their oppositions. 

“It’s two type of leaders, you could be Bush or Bill / And only see half the picture like Bushwick Bill,” raps Butcher on his opening verse, before Rick adds, “You try to take it, you a casualty / Shoot it casually or the switch will make it sporadically.” 

ElCamino comes through with the big guns (“I be in a mansion with a gun that’s bigger than me / But when I pop out, niggas don’t want no issues with me”), while Heem’s got his eyes on the throne. (“I’ve been on a dirty mission, dear God, I seek forgiveness / I came to kill the game for the throne, you be my witness.”

Produced by JR Swiftz and HXXS Almxdhi, “Saint Maurice” follows the Black Soprano Family’s previous drop, “We Here“.

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