(VIDEO) Polo G Police Body Cam of 2021 Miami Arrest Surfaces

Police body cam footage of Polo G’s 2021 arrest in Miami has surfaced online.

On Friday (July 29), TMZ posted a short clip of police body cam video of Polo G’s arrest in Miami on June 12, 2021. In the clip, the 2020 XXL Freshman expresses having trouble breathing while sitting in the back of a police cruiser. According to the media outlet, Polo demanded the he be checked out by paramedics, which they arrived shortly at the scene.

As the medics try to examine him, Polo begs them to get him out of the car. “I finna die back here, they are trying to kill me,” he said.

“You ever heard of George Floyd?” the Chicago rapper asked the medics. “They are trying to kill me back here. Look, they are trying to lynch me back here…please check me out.”

Polo appears to be in distress as he urgently tells the medics that the police are ignoring his pleas of not being able to breathe in the cruiser and that he was suffocating. The 23-year-old rhymer was eventually taken to the hospital to be checked out and was released into the custody of police. Watch the video below.


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