(VIDEO) Chris Brown’s Meet & Greet Crashed By Kevin Hart and Fabolous

We need more of this!

Those Chris Brown meet and greets are once again the center of attention but this time, Kevin Hart and Fabolous wanted to get in on the fun. Recently, the internet was set ablaze with images from a Breezy meet and greet as fans fired off photos that they took with the singer. The attention to the event wasn’t only due to fans posing alongside the hitmaker—it was rumored that Brown charged $1,000 per person to meet him face to face.The price was heavily debated online, causing a divide among fans as some people said they would have paid more while others condemned the singer for the cost. Yung Bleu stepped in to defend Brown, and after the hoopla dissipated, Hart and Fab returned with a few jokes during an appearance.

The account FreshMadeIt on Instagram shared a brief video that showed Brown hosting his meet and greet before it was crashed by his famous friends. It looked as if Brown was posing with a fan when Hart came in with a few “steal the spotlight” poses of his own. Not to be outdone, Fabolous also walked into the picture and made sure he got in a few shots as well as onlookers laughed at the moment.

Brown was playfully surprised by the interruption, but everyone had a good time. Check it out below.

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