(Teaser Trailer) Chris Hemsworth is back in ‘Extraction 2’; Watch The Teaser 

While Chris Hemsworth’s black ops mercenary Tyler Rake appeared to have met his end at the close of Extraction, the actor confirmed today that he will be back for Extraction 2, as Netflix unveiled a teaser for the sequel.

Hemsworth will reteam on the follow-up film with director Sam Hargrave, as well as producers Joe and Anthony Russo.

The original action-thriller penned by Joe Russo was based on the graphic novel Ciudad, which he created with Ande Parks, Fernando León González, Eric Skillman and his brother, Anthony Russo. It followed Rake’s efforts to rescue Ovi Mahajan (Rudhraksh Jaiswal)—the son of an Indian crime lord—and watched as his mission went awry, as he was double-crossed.

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