(VIDEO) Tyler,TheCreator speaks about his album being #1 over DJ Khaled

Tyler, The Creator stopped by Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning on Friday (August 6) for an all-encompassing interview that spanned over 90 minutes in the studio.

The Call Me If You Get Lost rapper touched on a multitude of topics including his new album, geeking out over luggage, the BET Awards, The LOX’s Verzuz and beating DJ Khaled for the No. 1 album with IGOR in 2019.

Tyler actually had fun with the moment when a distraught DJ Khaled posted an Instagram video seemingly subliminally dissing Tyler, The Creator, calling his music “mysterious shit.”

“Bro that Khaled thing was like, it was fun, it was just watching a man die inside,” said the former Odd Future frontman. “The weirdo was winning, I was moonwalking in a wig. This n-gga had everyone on his album. Everyone. That n-gga ego was deflated, he’ll probably never admit [it].

“I didn’t say nothing, I just let that No. 1 speak. N-gga’s ego had to deal with that because his whole identity is being No. 1. And when he didn’t get that, that sat with him longer in real-life time than that moment.”

Tyler definitely didn’t appreciate that Khaled’s sentiments felt as if he was trying to shun his music from the Hip Hop world.

“For some guy like that to kinda indirectly be like, ‘That ain’t real rap, that ain’t real Black music,’ that’s what it felt like,” he said.

-Hip Hop DX

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