Spider-Man: No Way Home’ trailer delayed?

No Way Home Trailer Delayed?

Spider-Man: No Way Home is the fourth MCU film of the year, set for release on December 17th. But it’ll also be the most important Marvel film of the year, considering what leaks keep telling us. No Way Home will be the MCU’s first multiverse film with Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) helping Spider-Man (Peter Parker) patch up a massive multiverse problem following the events in Loki. But with four months to go until the film’s launch, there’s no official Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer playing in theaters or online.

We’d have expected Sony and Marvel to release at least a teaser for the film by now. But after Loki, we realized that the two studios could not release any Spider-Man 3 footage that would hint at the multiverse. Even after the Loki finale, Sony and Marvel might be doing their best not to confirm the secret most Marvel fans know. But what if there’s a different explanation for the No Way Home trailer delay?

Sony kicked off Far From Home marketing early in 2019, reportedly upsetting Marvel in the process. We got to see Peter Parker alive and well in a trailer that preceded the Avengers: Endgame premiere. We all thought that Endgame would bring back all the dead superheroes, Spider-Man included. But Sony’s clip confirmed it. That trailer did not have any details that would give away the timeline of events, however.

This Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer delay theory will annoy everyone

It appears the studio isn’t repeating its mistake with the No Way Home trailer. Then again, the stakes are much higher for Spider-Man 3. It’s a film unlike anything Sony has done so far in its live-action movies. A few years ago, we saw multiple Spider-People in the same adventure in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. But Sony’s successful animated story isn’t part of the MCU.

We first heard months ago that Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield will play the Spider-Man versions from their respective movies. Sony and Marvel would have wanted to keep this detail secret for as long as possible. Even now that the secret is out, we’d still expect the first trailers to avoid mentioning the other Spider-Man versions.

In other words, there’s no question that the marketing campaign for No Way Homeis going to be difficult. On the other hand, the Spider-Man 3 movie practically sells itself thanks to these exciting rumors and leaks.

A more sinister theory about the No Way Home trailer delay will annoy everyone. The gist of it is that Sony might not be sure whether it’ll stick with the December 17th release date. The coronavirus pandemic has taken another turn, with a new wave ravaging the world. Authorities are advising vaccinations and mask-wearing to reduce the delta variant threat, and new variants are emerging. What if Sony and Marvel have to delay Spider-Man 3 again?


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