Missy ElliotT SAYS Her Condition For Doing Verzuz, Says Fans Will Have To Wait

Missy Elliott says fans will have to wait for her to take the Verzuz stage. 

In just over a year, Verzuz has become the most entertaining and buzzed-about music showdown on social media. With appearances by some of the most successful and decorated music artists across popular genres, the Swizz Beatz and Timbaland brainchild has consistently maintained the attention of millions of viewers over the course of its entire run.

While she hasn’t yet had her own episode, Missy Elliott‘s voice is heard regularly in Verzuz sessions which only leaves fans craving her appearance more. Her music has become a staple on the show, with her classics being rotated almost every episode. Recently, the rapper addressed fans’ call for her to take the Verzuz stage, but it may not have been the response that many hoped to hear. 

Seeing as D’Angelo made a solo appearance and brought along his chosen guest stars for his episode, fans suggested that Missy should be granted the same opportunity being the classic icon that she is. “Man, @MissyElliott has probably been apart of 80% of the @verzuzonline battles and hasn’t even been in one! Respectfully, if D’Angelo is hitting the stage solo, it’s only right that Missy & friends hits the stage as she still shocks people 20+ years later,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Missy hit the reply button on the tweet stirring a conversation that created a frenzy. “Aww I am so Humbly Grateful,” she replied. “But I think we will wait later on me. I just enjoy watching everyone else’s #verzuzbattle Vibing to all of their Classics & what they have done musically for the CULTURE! Respect to all of them, last night was Epic btw.”

The iconic rapper’s modesty and grace precede her as usual but fans didn’t hesitate to hype her up. “I would love to see this, but you are a level above the rest. Not sure who would hold a candle to you,” replied one Misdemeanor stan. “Madame Queen, no one can really challenge you in a Verzuz battle! The icon, the living legend! #TheGoat,” declared another. One fan even suggested that Missy go up against Kanye West for her Verzuz battle. 

Missy Elliot recently celebrated the 24th anniversary of her debut album Supa Dupa Fly which peaked at No. 3 on Billboard in 1997 and has been certified platinum by the RIAA. Should the rapper choose to finally make her Verzuz debut, she will have quite the catalog replete with years of hits to unload.

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