19 Black families buy over 90 acres of land to create a safe city for Black people

A group of 19 Black families reportedly purchased almost 97 acres of land in Toomsboro, Georgia, as plans of creating a safe city for Black people to live in.

The Freedom Georgia Initiative was launched by a Georgia-based realtor named Ashley Scott along with an investor and entrepreneur named Renee Walters. Ashley Scott spoke to Blavity about creating the community in Georgia where Black people can feel safe, saying the unfortunate murder of Ahmaud Arbery pushed her to get therapy and develop the idea of the community for Black people.

Scott said, “We are dealing with deep-rooted issues that will require more than protesting in the streets. It will take for us as a people, as Atlanta rapper and activist Killer Mike so eloquently put, ‘To plot, plan, strategize, organize and mobilize.’ So that’s what I and my good friend Renee Walters, an entrepreneur and investor, did.”

Scott said the land purchased by the families would have Black farmers, contractors, and suppliers. The Freedom Georgia Initiative’s Facebook page say they hope “to be an innovative model for self-sufficiency, environmental sustainability, and cooperative economics among BIPOC communities across the African Diaspora globally.”

source: Blavity

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