(Video) Chris Brown – Under The Influence (Dance Video) | Choreography by: Khadijah

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You don’t know what you did.

While in Quarantine, Chicago born, Arizona raised dancer Khadijah and company hits youtube with a new choreography video. Dancing to Chris Brown’s “Under The Influence ” track, Khadijah along with Vi , Neka, Tala , and Bre. The perfect light and visuals provided by: Martez Cornelius is enough to entertain you for 3 minutes and push replay once the video finishes.

Check out the video below… 


How did you get into dancing?

I’ve just always loved to move to music, I did my first talent show dancing in like 8th grade and loved it ever since. Then when I got to high school I joined the Hip hop team and took dance classes and been hooked ever since

Any inspirations or are there any people you wanna work with in the future?

I would love to dance back up for Beyoncé at least once in my life time.

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