Confirmed: WWE 2K21 Has Been Cancelled

WWE confirmed the news themselves during yesterday’s Q1 2020 earnings call, following on from game writer Justin Leeper’s claims earlier in the week that the latest instalment in WWE and 2K Games’ maligned franchise was off.

Interim Chief Financial Officer Frank Riddick was specifically asked about the game during the all, saying that it wouldn’t be released in 2020, though he didn’t provide a reason. Riddick was also unable to confirm Leeper’s claims that a new WWE game was in development and planned to be released by year’s end, though it’s thought that the project will come from a different developer.

Plans to release WWE 2K22 in 2021 remain in place at the time of writing.

An announcement on the 2K franchise’s future is to be made on Monday.

WWE 2K20 experienced one of the most disastrous launches in recent gaming history last year, as a bug-riddled, barely-playable product was slaughtered by fans and critics alike. Here’s hoping that those involved have learned their lesson and that the franchise benefits from this (temporary?) hiatus, and that this year’s replacement game will be a more satisfying experience.

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