Coming to the stage: Kid Real


Whats up fam, What first got you into music?

This about to sound cheesy as hell & I literally just reconnected with this teacher on FaceBook like a week or so ago. So. In 7th grade my class as a toll kept bombing these vocab exams for Geography Class. My teacher, Mr. Carlitos being a younger teacher than most understood the power of music. He had us write a rap or poem to help us remember the words. I remember vividly having the dopest lil tap out of the words & ever since then I just continued writing. Thought it was a bit lame at first but I grew into it coming to highschool at Rouge & it’s been my habit ever since.

Thats whats up, did you have inspirations prior to this moment, if so what or who inspired you to make music?

My mom was really into church so I was kept away from the traditional rappers that may have inspired a lot of artist of my generation. I remember being suspended from school & my pop & this chick he was dating had picked me up. Her son had left his walkman in the backseat of the car on his way to being dropped off to school. In it was a cd that changed my life. The Slim Shady LP I fell in love with the way Em put words together in an unorthodox way. Ever since then he and Luda led he way for me to slick talk up until the URL world opened up & it was all about punchlines rather than just schematics.

Eminem and Luda are most definitely not the average name a person may mention. Those influences lead me to my next question. How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Heartfelt & Pain releasing. Although I have plenty of street or gritty content, I pride myself on talking about the things most rappers are too cool to admit going through or experiencing. I try to kill every verse but personally my favorite pieces have been written while going through a time of turmoil with either a chick I was dealing with or problems that I’ve encountered with family, friends, & or just living though day to day struggles as a kid from Detroit. He vulnerabilities are relatable & the way I word it is sometimes so vivid that even if you can’t directly identify with the struggle, then you could at least envision or feel the struggle.

So What is your creative process like?

I flip through beats & literally just speak as the music speaks to me when it’s not a specific topic I feel like touching on but when it is something heavy on my mind or heart, I flip through records until I find one that eases that emotion or transcends the feeling. Sometimes hooks just spill out & sometimes the verses are what comes to me. There’s no real formula or format. It just comes together every time. Now when my focus is trying to make a hit or catchy record, I try to keep it simple and Straight to the point rather than overthinking or trying to be too intricate/rappidy rappidy

I hear that straight to the point flow on your new song “Secrets.” If you could describe that song from the outside listening in, what message are you trying to get the listener to hear?

Every relationship has it’s dark side or unspoken truths. Me being an introvert when it comes to intimacy, I tend to vent through music. That has presented its issues in my relationships & I feel like all artist have met this struggle to some degree. I also feel like it’s relevant or relatable to people who aren’t musically inclined…even you & your old lady have your thoughts that y’all may feel can be too rough around the edges to voice directly. I chose to spill that into this record, “Secrets”

Is there anyone that you’d like to collaborate with?

When it comes to vets, I’d love to see how I’d match up with Royce or Em because we like to twist sentences in a way that other artist just can’t. Newer school Kendrick & J Cole fall into that same catagory just with a more modern spin. If we’re talking hits, Chris Brown would kill some of the hooks I have tucked away. Timberland, Pharell, & Kanye would be my go to if I had the opportunity to work with them as far as production.

This is a very interesting conversation that we are having right now. The collaborations would be crazy! Im sitting here thinking of the sound that would be created, especially with a Chris Brown hook and a Timberland beat. If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

Ross hands down. I think I would do great next to MMG. I have a lyrical base but a grit that fits that caliber of music. If we’re talking exposure or who I feel like would land me in front of the most people, I’d say Hov or Jeezy.

If it came to signing with an artist would you rather a MMG co-sign, a Roc Nation co-sign or a Jeezy co-sign, or just making it strictly on the base of your hustle?

A deal isn’t the goal because the way the game is evolving is shifting toward giving the artist the ability to access the Major platforms that used to typically only be accessible through a major distributor. The down side to that is having the capital to push the content to a large enough audience. With that being said, when it comes to fit or where I feel I’d stand out I’d choose MMG. When it comes to prestige & budget, the obvious choice would be Roc Nation & it wouldn’t be a bad fit for me either.

Is there a message that you’re trying to get to your fanbase?

It’s okay to feel. It’s okay to struggle as long as you don’t grow to be content with your situation. It’s okay to be you rather that means you’re the biggest baddest toughest mf around or you’re just a regular 9-5 guy aiming to build something out of what you have to work with. Hustle, Grind, but most of all be true to who you are. Genuinely ergo my name, kid “REAL”

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

The limits of what it will being has yet to be uncovered but what it has gifted is is the ability to reach people in an instant who otherwise may never have known we existed. Kinda like this situation right here, granted you & I go back all the way to highschool but your following would have no clue who I was if not for the internet making it possible for you to stream content from different parts of the world. The downside to it I think is it makes content so instant, here today & not even thought of tomorrow. It sucks that something an artist can spend literally months working on can be consumed & critiques within a matter of seconds rather than the way it used to be when an album/mixtape had to be physically picked up, consumed, digested & then rated/critiqued. It’s a gift & a curse in that regard.

This is so true, we see the potential in the internet and how it can help grow an artist bigger and faster than its ever been. What is the best advice you’ve been given?

“Never stop thinking.” My Dad drilled that in my head seeing me as a hothead or irrational at points in my youth. It’s stuck with me more than anything I’ve been advised in my life.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

I would encourage the DJs, Curators, & Program Directors to widen the spectrum of artist they break records for or allow access to doors. I won’t make excuses because artist have a duty to do the leg work just as well. I won’t just call it payola but it is a level of dicksuckin/favoritism that goes on behind the scenes.

Ok bet, last question What’s next for you?

That’s a tricky question because I honestly don’t know. I plan to continue to work at this music & grow more consistent in all honesty. I’m not oppose to acting or running a label. I have a few opportunities that have been presented to me over these last few weeks. One being a seat on a panel of a podcast much like your review show. Think Drink Champs meets Rap but not just the big guys. I’m also getting my feet wet with a few investments that could land me in an entirely unrelated pool of revenue from Music/Media. For now I’m giving my all to the things I love to do & can see flourishing.

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