Small Business Growing By Big Networking: The Spliffers Smoke Shop


So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.

My name is MarQuel Chavers aka Indicuh In The Cut and I’m a father an artist and an entrepreneur. I’m a phoenix Native, not born but raised in the Valley, so this is my home. Spliffers is based off of the lifestyle that our community, millions of Americans and I myself embody on a daily basis, and thats the lifestyle of the High Functioning Stoner. So the stories along with one another.

The company started out initially between me and my previous business partner. I had done some graphic design work, writing and recording on my mentors and previous business partners album. One of the Skits on the album was titled “Spliffers” and it was a parody on the Snickers commercials. You know, “you’re not yourself when you’re hungry” but instead you’re not you when you’re not high.

The skit ended up being one of the most played cuts on the album and the night we recorded it our engineer suggested that we do something with the name Spliffers. The same night I went home, drew up the logo and ironically we sat on it for almost a year until we had our “Aha!” moment.

We had gone to the Smoke Shop to purchase a pack of Backwoods. We were avid Backwoods Consumers at the time being so just like many others we were aware of the consistent problems with dry, brittle and broken cigars.

After purchasing that pack and finding 3 out 5 cigars unusable we realized that we could do better. So we did and here we are today growing slowly but surely.

Lets dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?

My PaPa always told me anything worth it never is. I believe God places obstacles in our path to create a better testimony andup to this point we’ve seen nothing but trials and tribulations.

My mentor and business partner actually was locked up and sentenced to some heavy time leaving the company and its operations to me entirely.

I had everything we had worked on up to that point in my hands but none of the synergy that helped bring it to fruition. It was hard for the year after. It seemed like every effort I made on my own brought back the minimum amount of results. But back in July of 2019 I got the kick in the ass I needed when I was invited to pitch Spliffers to Shark Tank. So there’s highs and lows.

We have been operating as an LLC for the last 6 months but before even getting to that point we had already gone through a whole spectrum of issues but as you continue to survive you learn how to find the calm in the chaos.

We are devoted to providing the world with a gig-style workforce that will allow Stoners all over the world to be able to practice their art or passion without having to worry about sustaining income in an environment where they are scrutinized. Our subsidiaries SpliffersTV and It’s a Wrap Productions and Manufacturing LLC will provide them with a safe environment for growth and there will be loads of opportunities for our community to join the movement and to make a genuine change. It’s a wrap like I said before, but its more than just a wrap.

What should we know about your business? What does your business do best? What sets you apart from the competition?

Well we are Spliffers and “It’s a Wrap!”, but it’s more than just a wrap. It’s a community, a movement, a way of life. Where the rest of the world shuns Spliffers embraces. Our mission is to protect the rights of High Functioning Stoners and to change the stigma around cannabis from being looked at as a drug to being viewed as the industrial, medicinal and agricultural resource that it is.

Our wraps consist of the finest natural fronto leaf, air cured, to provide our iconic slow and smooth pull. When going into a smoke shop there is no competition on the shelf and I’ll tell you why. Name one tobacco product in a smoke shop that is currently advocating for the rights of cannabis consumers. There are none.

As time progresses Spliffers will continue to emerge as the face of Cannabis Culture in the urban communities.

Ok Last Question, What is “success” or “successful” for you?

True success is deeper than just independence and self sustainability, but when you can provide that to those around you. Now you’re really successful.


Spliffers 5 Count Natural Cigar Wraps
Consumer ~ $5.00 per pack
Wholesale ~ $2.00-$2.50 per pack

Contact Info: 

Available for through on demand delivery in Phoenix, Arizona through our website

Those outside of Phoenix can have spliffers shipped directly to their front door through the site as well.

We accept Cash, Cashapp and Zelle as of now. Major Credit Card processing will be offered soon. Shipping and handling costs will be applied.

Orders can also be placed by contacting Spliffers at 602-573-0148 or by reaching out to us on any of our social media outlets

For inquiries email:







Listen to UChoice Radio online or download the mobile app available on Apple and Android.

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