(Music Video) Mac Miller Delivers Visuals for both Songs “Right” and “Floating”


As promised, Mac Miller‘s estate has released “Right” and “Floating”, two new songs featured on his posthumous Circles (Deluxe Edition), and each comes with a surprise visual component.

“Right” enlists collaborators Thundercat (who recently honored Mac in his latest single “Fair Chance”) as well as Vic Wainstein and Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman. The love song deals with distance and calls upon a former lover. Like all of Circles, it’s a bittersweet display of just how much Mac had grown as a singer and as a songwriter since his GRAMMY-nominated Swimming. He sings, “Three years ago I was so dumb/ Clueless, young and stupid but look at who I have become/ I ain’t gonna break your heart, promise it’s always safe/ Baby, don’t go now, pull me closer.”

“Floating” taps photographer Christian Weber for a serene clouded skyline with trippy multiplying white falcons in flight. “Floating” also uses Thundercat’s production and backing vocals with additional touch-ups from collaborator Jon Brion who took it upon himself to finish the album after Mac’s passing. “Yeah, there’s a room somewhere up above the tree/ And once you get there, you don’t ever wanna leave/ Feelin’ good, feelin’ free/ When I can finally get away/ I need to see it with my own eyes/ Hope it remembers that it knows my face/ I’ll come and see you if you don’t mind/ When I can finally get away,” Mac sings over piano and Thundercat’s signature bass.

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