(Video) Beyonce spotted filming music video in Arizona


A rare Queen B spotting! Beyonce and daughter, Blue Ivy, are seen spending the day in the blue waters at the beautiful Havasu Falls in Arizona TMZ reports.

It appears the singer is filming a new music video and chose one of Arizona’s most popular sceneries as her backdrop. In the video TMZ captured, Beyonce is seen standing in the shade by the falls in what they report to be a “blue dress”. It is also reported the “Single Ladies” artist spent five hours on location before fleeing in a helicopter with the crew and her daughter.

Hopefully, no campers in the area were disrupted by the filming of a Hollywood music video. Though if they spotted Bey, could they really stay mad?

Havasu Falls requires a reservation made prior to any visits and has fees of about $100 per person. Beyonce and her crew made arrangements before filming started and the Havasupai Tribe, owners of the land, made an exception, law enforcement told TMZ.

Source: YourPHX

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