A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Opens Up About Jumping Lil B


Remember when A Boogie wit da Hoodie’s crew jumped Lil B at Rolling Loud last year because Boogie didn’t like what B had said about his music.?

In an interview with No Jumper, A Boogie talked about the incident and said he truly regrets it.

“I was just still learning,” he said. “I was kind of mad. I did some foolish reactions. I grew up as a man since then. You can’t just do shit like that … I missed out on a lot of money. I feel like any little thing I do that’s bad, they’re going to be on me for it, but when somebody else with [a tougher image] do that shit, that shit cool.”

A Boogie then said he and Lil B squashed everything over the phone after the beatdown, and from now on he’ll move differently. The “Drowning” rapper added that he doesn’t want the incident to ruin his image, and he doesn’t want people scared of him.

“We had a convo about it,” he said. “We spoke on the phone. We had, like, a meeting on the phone. We spoke about it, and we was cool after that. I never linked him after that, though … Now it’s about being a bigger person and not having people scared of you. I don’t want nobody to be scared of me. I’m a cool person.”


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