After Backlash, Joel Osteen Opens Doors to His Church to Harvey Victims


Houston is currently experiencing massive floods due to Hurricane Harvey, which has left numerous homeowners and residents displaced, as well as some dead. People have been searching for places in the area as a refuge away from the monstrous storm, with many looking at Pastor Joel Osteen and his megachurch as a potential spot. However, representatives from Osteen’s church said that the church was flooded and was not able to take in anyone in. Osteen’s megachurch has the capacity to hold up to 16,800 people at once. Osteen and his church were met with backlash, especially with reports of the storm getting worse in areas in terms of flooding.

Since then, Joel Osteen has addressed the situation via Twitter, saying “Victoria and I care deeply about our fellow Houstonians. Lakewood’s doors are open and we are receiving anyone who needs shelter.” Osteen made it clear that his church would open their doors to anyone who was made homeless by the storm and even went as far buying a massive number of air mattresses for people to sleep on while staying there. Despite opening his church up to those displaced by the storm, Osteen is still receiving backlash, with many saying he only offered up the facility after being called out for not doing so in the first place.

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