(Video) T.I. Accepts Kevin Hart’s Challenge, Donates $25,000 to Houston


It looks like Kevin Hart’s call to action to help those in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey is gaining steam. The comedian hit Instagram to start a challenge and ask his celebrity friends to step up like he did and donate $25,000 to aid in relief efforts.

Not one to back down, T.I. jumped right in. He uploaded a video to Instagram, where he said, “It’s for my homeboy Kevin Hart. You know I answer all call outs baby. You know what I mean? For the Houston Harvey Challenge, I dedicate 25K to it. BUT you gotta find you an organization to f**k with besides Red Cross. I ain’t f*****g with no motherf*****g Red Cross. F*** them and FEMA.”

It’s no secret that the Red Cross had come under scrutiny for the way it handled donations meant for victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. FEMA is still trying to recover from the way they handled Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans 12 years ago.

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