Video: Rick Ross Talks Warning Meek Mill About Nicki Minaj On Wendy Williams


Ross’ new album has gotten positive reviews and stirred up controversy at the same time. He stops by the Wendy Williams show to clarify what he was speaking on.

On the song “Apple of My Eye”, Rozay spit:

“I told Meek ‘I wouldn’t trust Nicki’ / Instead of beefing with your dog, you just give him some distance”

Yesterday (March 22), Rozay stopped by The Wendy Williams Show and talked about that line:

“[I just gave Meek] that big brother love,” he explained. “It wasn’t personal against Nicki. It could have been Keisha off the block. That was just my opinion. Be careful. Sometimes you gotta let your little brother live and you can’t stop your little brother from living. You just give him advice and support for whatever decision he makes.”

What do you think really happened? Peep the footage below:

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