(Video + Photo) Beyonce Surprises Cancer Patient With FaceTime Call


Beyonce made this girl’s dream come true who’s battling cancer, all with a FaceTime call.

Houston (Beyonce’s hometown) high school senior Ebony Banks is battling stage four cancer, with one of her biggest dreams being meeting Beyonce. So, her friends launched a social media campaign #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE , it went viral, next thing you know Bey is on the phone!

“[Banks] is a really big fan of [Beyoncé] and she has so much love for her that we really want to get [Banks] to meet her,” said Banks’ friend Cristal Depaz. “Beyoncé is one of her idols. She admires her so much, so we’re trying to put that on Twitter and Instagram to get Beyoncé’s attention.”


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