Keyshia Cole Officially Joins ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’


Last month,  Keyshia Cole and ex-husband Daniel Gibson had been toying with the idea of joining Love & Hip-Hop‘s LA cast, but ultimately had decided against it. However Keyshia has changed her mind.
Rumors of Keysh joining the cast have been floating around for a few months now, and according to a new report, she had eventually decided not to do it because of the negative response from the public when news of joining the cast first circulated.

“After the public found out about Keyshia joining the show, she didn’t like the response,” a source said. “She got cold feet and was having second thoughts.”

She’d said in a recent interview that the numbers she was looking for were in the million dollar range, so perhaps VH1 ponied up the money to make it right! Will you be tuning in to see the drama unfold?

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