Making history and breaking records on the Billboard charts, Future takes the front display of the latest issue of Billboard. Read the cover story here.

Last summer, when Future began ­recording the tracks for the new albums, all he knew was that he wanted to put out two. The idea of staggering the release by a week came later — mostly, he says, to give fans a chance to digest Future before diving into HNDRXX, which is the disc that’s closer to his heart. He sees Future as a look back at where he’s from and the music he has made. It’s 100 percent him — no features — and thick with street-oriented jams. The single “Draco” (the title refers to a very portable AK-47 pistol) pairs a sugar-rush melody with a gleefully ­nihilistic hook: “Draco ­season with the book bag/Rat-tat, got a little ­kickback … You ain’t never ever get your bitch back.” It’s a good example of Future’s weird alchemy: “Draco and the book bag, that’s from real life,” he says. “But being able to take that and make it where it’s not so ­violent? It can connect to more people. You don’t own a Draco, and you like it, right?” (For the record: both true.)

Future says he wouldn’t mind if ­people thought of HNDRXX as being by a totally separate artist. It reflects the ­preoccupations, mostly romantic, of a ­superstar now years away from the streets. It has two guest spots, from The Weeknd and Rihanna, and the vibe, both ­emotionally and musically, tends toward the minor key. “I’m opening you up to where I’m at,” says Future. “It’s about being ­vulnerable and not so cautious about what you say as far as your love life — if you was hurt or happy or in love.”

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