(Video) Meek Mill Tells Nicki “I Got That P***y on Lock” During Vegas Concert


Meek Mill joined Nicki Minaj for a joint concert in Las Vegas over the weekend, where he stopped the crowd when her verse on “Only” started playing.

The track played the verse, “Yo, I never f***ed Wayne, I never f***ed Drake/On my life, man, f**k’s sake/If I did I’d Minaj wid’ him and let ’em eat my a** like a cupcake,” which the crowd sang along with. It was during the last part of the verse that Meek told the crowd, “Ain’t nobody eating her ass no more. I got that p***y on lock.”

Nicki responded to Meek by asking if she couldn’t perform that song anymore, but the Philly rapper said, “I ain’t trippin’. None of these n****s can get my girl.” Nicki backed him up by adding, “More importantly, none of these n****s never had your girl.”

Check out the clip below.


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