(Video) Donald Trump Tries to “Fit In” at Black Church in Detroit


Donald Trump continued with his efforts to reach Black voters on Saturday [September 3], attending service and speaking before the congregation of a predominantly African-American church in Detroit.

The presidential candidate prayed, danced, and observed along with worshipers with whom he’d greet, chat, and take photos with, before delivering a message that he hopes will gain the trust of the largely Democrat voting block.

“The African-American faith community has been one of God’s greatest gifts to America and its people,” Trump said while overlooking the pews of the Great Faith Ministries nondenominational church. In contrast to the inflammatory rhetoric the nation has come to acquaint with his orations throughout his GOP campaign, Trump struck a harmonious tone, making mention of low wages, unemployment, and crime in an attempt to package what he is calling a “new civil rights agenda.” Before concluding his speech with the passage from 1 John 4:12, Trump touched on mending some of the social divisions his rivals have cited he himself for being in part responsible for stoking, stating, “We talk past each other and not to each other. And those who seek office do not do enough to step into the community and learn what’s going on.”

Trump has pressed to build some kind of momentum in the Black community over the past month after July polls showed his support among them tallying at around 1%. While his strategy to paint Clinton as a political opportunist using Black voters, while promising to get tough on violent crimes and commit to lowering unemployment has helped his campaign see a slight gain, Trump’s favorability among Black voters, as estimated across polls, remains in the low single digits.

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