Slim Jxmmy Reacts to Swae Lee’s Solo Album: “Industry is Trying to Separate Us”


Rae Sremmurd recently released their sophomore album, Sremmlife 2, but Swae Lee revealed to Complex that he’s actually working on a solo project, aptly titled, Swaecation.

The younger of the two brothers said that he has eight songs that are good enough for an album, including one track with Katy Perry. He explained, “I wrote this track and she laid it and it’s pretty dope. It sounded pretty dope. She got a lot of style.”

While Swae Lee seems pretty confident that he’ll release a solo album, Slim Jxmmy said that he’s not sure if he’ll release his solo works “because I don’t want to satisfy the world like that.” He also added that he feels like the “whole industry is trying to separate us,” but Jxmmy clarifies that Rae Sremmurd has no plans on separating.

Swae Lee added, “When we say solo projects, we say chances for the fans to get to see us individually. But we’re still Sremmed out. We might put them on the same disc—who knows? We definitely got different projects that we’re working on and tweaking.”

Source: Complex


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