Tyra – Model of the Month February

Straight out of Cali, check out my quick questions for Everybody Hates Pest model of the Month, Tyra. hit the jump to check out pictures and interview.

Birth Sign: Taurus
Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Hometown: St.Louis , MO
Ethnicity: African American , Caucasian , Cherokee , and Russian
Profession: Dog Trainer , Model , and Exotic Dancer
Where Are You From: Bay Area , CA
What Is Your Ethnic Back Ground: My dad’s side is African American and Cherokee. My mom’s side is Caucasian and Russian.
What Are You Measurements: 32 – 26 – 36
How Did You Get Into Modeling: I started with helping friends out with their clothing line and once I realized how fun it was I wanted to pursue a career in modeling. I decided to invest in myself by contacting photographers to work with, building up my portfolio, working out, and practicing.
Who Inspires You Or Who Do You Wanna Work With In The Industry: Tyra Banks, Jessica White, Winter Blanco , and Star Rodriguez are just a few names. I want to eventually work with Jermaine Alexander and Mike “Ohrangu” Tang.
How Do You Dress On A Normal Day: Jeans, T-shirt, & Sneakers
What do you think is your best physical attribute? I believe it’s my smile.
Were you born with that body or did you have to go to the gym and work for it? Fortunately, I was born with this body. I workout at home by doing stretches and exercises just to make me stronger.
How would you best describe your personality? Business Orientated , Fun , Opinionated , Down to Earth , Stubborn , Dependable , Loyal , Determined
What are some of your future goals? I want to make it on TV and have my own show and I want to foster animals and find them good homes once I buy my own house this year.
Name 3 Turn Ons: good hygiene , sense of humor, confidence
Name 3 Turn Offs: having to always be right , tongue kissing , user
What is something about you that people would be surprised to know? Usually people are surprised that I’m a dog trainer and my current job is a security officer.
On a scale of 1-10 rate your wildside: 9
What are some of your guilty pleasures? Sleeping in late , buying 12 bags of lays honey BBQs chips from CALI and bringing it back with my to Arizona with me , spoiling my god son when I should be paying my bills.
What Is Your Favorite Song Right Now: “Valet” by Eric Bellinger
What Song Best Describes You: “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls
Favorite Meal: Lasagna, Chicken, and Cornbread
Anything special you want to say to your fans? Thank you for the support and love.

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