(Video) “White” Pastor @perrynoble Drops N-Word During Sermon

I dont know if its timing, I dont know if just because of everything thats going on in the world. But this is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Im not even cool with black people using the word. Its use too loosely and we do nothing about it so can we really get mad at this Paster for using it. Or should we even be mad because he decided to use it in a CHURCH Sermon.

I’m sure you wont believe me but its ok, I have proof. A Video that you can play over and over again. And when you’re done with that you can tweet him. Here is his twitter >>>>> Perry Noble. Let him no how you feel, and While the church is trying to play it off as a simple “jumbling” of words that “can happen to anyone.” Yea Right!!!

According to the tape which you can witness yourself, Pastor Noble recalls someone in the story suggesting he should get the dog–and his immediate, half a second reply/gesture included the phrase “Ni**a?!” as in…ni**a please?!…before quickly keeping the story moving. According to the church, we heard nothing and saw nothing–but everyone who’s ‘anyone that speaks’ can say ni**a at any moment:

“In regards to your question about the ‘N’ word, Perry doesn’t use that word and doesn’t address anyone in his life by such a word. He did not use that word in his message and what you perceived as him doing so was [a] matter of words getting jumbled as can happen with anyone who is speaking.”

Am I wrong for feeling outraged, do you feel the same way I do? Leave your comments below.

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