(Video) Kevin Gates Hits Love and Hip Star Jhonni Blaze and later apologizes

Rapper Kevin Gates may be part of the hip-hop conversation for his bold raps, but he was the talk of social media for reasons outside of his music this week.

On Thursday (Jan. 1) the Baton Rogue, La. native shared a video on Instagram, which appears to show him striking a woman in the face.
The alleged victim is Jhonni Blaze, a model and member of this season’s ‘Love and Hip Hop’ cast. The startling post begins with Blaze, who appears to be intoxicated, talking to no one in particular, stating, “These n—-s, ain’t gonna do s— to me. Always talking s—, always tryna…” Before she has a chance to finish her sentence, Gates suddenly appears in the camera angle and seemingly hits the unsuspecting female. “Ooh, babe. My mouth. That’s my teeth, that’s my teeth,” she shouts. “Ain’t nobody give a f— about your motherf—in’ mouth. I don’t get tired,” the rhymer responds. Click here to see video
Gates recently took to Blaze’s Instagram page, however, in his most serious post to the Houston based dancer yet, saying there is a lot that comes with loving someone like him, and that he would never put that burden upon her. He ends with a playful jab at her forehead, but it’s clearly just a way to lighten things up.

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