Lil Wayne to Sue Cash Money if Birdman Doesn’t Release Him

Lil Wayne is not playing any games when it comes to his desire to have his Carter V album released, and also make his departure from Cash Money.

What started as a frustrated public rant on Twitter has now taken a sharp turn and is heading straight for a courtroom if Birdman continues to refuse to release Weezy’s album and set him free from the grips of Cash Money.

Sources close to Wayne reached out to TMZ and informed them that he has given Birdman and Cash Money an “ultimatum, in writing,” that he will sue to leave the label if they refuse to release Tha Carter V ASAP. Apparently Wayne strongly believes that the album is ready to be released to the masses, however, Birdman insists that there is more work to be done. At this time, Wayne and Baby are on the outs and aren’t comminucating with one another directly.

Do you think Birdman will release Tha Carter V, or will Wayne have to take him and Cash Money to court?

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