Wiz Khalifa spotted with Deelishis in Miami

As Wiz Khalifa continues his cycle of what seems to be a new woman every couple of weeks, his latest romance may just be Deelishis! The two were spotted out once again, in Miami enjoying each others company

Deelishis recently opened up about the new spark between Wiz Khalifa and herself by simply stating:

‘He’s a guy. He’s a single guy. Am I attracted to him? I’m attracted to who he is, yes. Is he attracted to who I am? I can believe so. And where’s the harm in that? There’s nothing wrong with Wiz Khalifa liking me or me liking Wiz Khalifa. I did not go into their household and start dating him. This was public knowledge that someone had filed for divorce and this was ending. So, when I was approached, I was under the same impression that the world was under. They were done. And I’m not trying to even be that ‘one’ or whatever, but don’t be upset if you see me with him. Don’t be upset if you see us out or you hear of us having a liking for each other. There’s nothing wrong with that.’

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