Lebron James says Derrick Rose’s “I Can’t Breathe” shirt is Spectacular

Derrick Rose made quite a statement on Saturday night when he donned a “I Can’t Breathe” shirt in support of Eric Garner during warmups prior to the Chicago Bulls game against the Golden State Warriors. Rose is normally one of the quieter players in the league but decided to take a public stance against the non-indictment of police officer Daniel Pantoleo in the choking death of Eric Garner. Cleveland Cavaliers superstar, LeBron James says Derrick Rose’s gesture is spectacular and says he’s looking to do the same.

On Sunday prior to practice he was asked about Rose’s protest gesture.

“It’s spectacular,” James said. “I loved it. I’m looking for one.”

When asked if he planned to wear the T-shirt before a game, James was coy, but hinted it could potentially happen.

“It’s possible,” he said. “I’m looking for one. I think it was great.”

James has been more outspoken about these issues than Rose has in the past. In 2012, James and his Miami Heat teammates posed for a group photo wearing hoodies in honor of Trayvon Martin. James also spoke out in the non-indictment of officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Mike Brown.

More professional athletes have come out and taken a stance on issues like this. I think some may have forgotten that sports and civil protests were once very much conjoined.

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