Rae Sremmurd “Sremmlife” Cover

Although Rae Sremmrd ain’t got no type, they do have a release date for their debut album, SremmLife. According to a press release, the project will arrive January 6. Says Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy:

“It’s dope to see these guys work hard and stay humble, to come from nothing and become a part of the Ear Drummer movement – our family – working sun up to sun down, recording, coming up with new ideas. The impact is so strong now. It’s amazing to see “No Flex Zone” and “No Type,” two songs that we did last year, become two of the biggest singles this year, to have the cultural impact that they’re having.”

“The album came together so easily and organically – it was really a fun album to make. I’m just as excited about this album as I was about Miley Cyrus’s album, as I was about Future’s album. This album is as special to me as any project I’ve ever been involved with. People are learning now that these guys are superstars, they’re here to stay. SremmLife is just round one.”

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