Pregnant Ferguson Woman Loses Her Eye After Police Shoot Her Car!

A Pregnant woman in Ferguson loses her eye after police shot her car with a bean bag during violent protests. Read more on the story after the jump!

Dornella Conner was left blind after police shattered her car window with a bean bag. The glass from the window cut her eye. The incident occurred at a gas station near Ferguson. Police are saying that the car Conner was driving was driven at them. An officer fired a non-lethal round because he says he feared for his safety as Mike Brown protesters were protesting. The car was driven by her boyfriend when the officer fired the non-lethal bean bag at them as they tried to drive away.

Conner has lost sight in her left eye and she has blurry vision in her other eye. She says that the officer had no need to use a weapon on them. She states, “I didn’t have any weapons, I wasn’t looting or anything. I was just out with my boyfriend. We was just riding around respecting Mike Brown.” She says that many police vehicles blocked their exit from the gas station. Donnell, Conner’s father was “very disappointed at police tactics, there was no reason to fire upon an innocent person who was sitting in a vehicle.”


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