@Beyonce & Jay Z (@S_C_) Reportedly Making $84 Million Off “On The Run” Tour

Beyonce and Jay Z are raking in a whopping $84 million from their “On The Run” tour, despite rumors that they’re headed for a split. According to the NY Post’s Page Six, the power couple are guaranteed $4 million in profits from each show, and that doesn’t include the $100 million expected in ticket sales.

The publication also reported that Bey was looking at a $21.5 million Chelsea apartment without Jay Z, furthering rumors that the two are divorcing. Neither have commented on the chatter, but the talk may be sparking added interest from fans.

Chicago Tribune music critic Greg Kot recently reviewed the couple’s tour stop at Chicago’s Soldier Field and alluded that the packed house could have partially been due to the divorce rumors. “Maybe it’s all just a plot hatched by Beyoncé and Jay Z to keep the media’s ongoing fascination with their lives and careers at a fever pitch,” he wrote.

Do you agree?

Source: NYPost

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