T Mite Talks Limelite Clothing, Mixtape With @DJPest and more

In this race to success you have to look by your side and see who’s running along side of you and everytime I look to my side I see the homie T-Mite of Limelite clothing. We are both from Detroit and we branched out to other states to grow, T-mite has a clothing line, and a mixtape hosted by me coming soon so I decided to take a seat and interview him so he can tell me, and you about his brand. Continue reading for full interview.

Whats good T Mite, thanks for taking the time out to chat with #EveryBodyHatesPest

Anytime what up doe sir

Nothing much fam, just catching up with my people from the home team. We both come from Detroit and we’ve both branched out to other states to expand our business. I’ve been following the Limelite Clothing brand since day one. I want to know, what can we expect from Limelite in the near future

You can expect a lot of work I’m real big on workin & building… I have a couple fashion shows that LIMELITE clothing will be apart of in the near future & in the fall of 2014 LIMELITE clothing will host its 1st hiphop runway fashion show so be on the look out for that… But like I said I’m jus workin

I see, well tell me this for the people that don’t know about the Limelite brand. When, why and how was Limelite Clothing created?

Well it all started when I was studying my mentor P-DIDDY & i seen how he had his hand in multiple things at one time & he was winning… So I took the LIMELITE brand & began to brand it as I seen diddy do his brand… LIMELITE clothing is one of several branches of the LIMELITE brand

Thats interesting, if you watch you promotion patterns with the brand you can see the origin. So what are the other branches of the Limelite brand?


Yes, now we talkin’ lol. The mixtape, lets talk about this Limelite Everything “Executive Decisions” project. I know I’m the host for the project, but I’m going to give you the stage and let you tell the people what they can look forward to

LIMELITE EVERTHING “executive decisions” HOSTED BY THE BAD GUY “DJ PEST” aye it’s gonna be dope, I got a buncha underground artist of course from Detroit, a couple artist from Dallas, & Houston and a few artist from Arizona on the the project… Like I said the mixtape is gonna be dope, It’s the 1st of a mixtape series that hopefully can make a impact on the music scene & help get these talented artist heard… But yea I’m excited about what’s to come from this project & can’t wait to see what unfolds

With you opening a new outlet for music you already know people are sitting back wondering when this project will be released. So when can we expected “Executive Decisions”?

Friday May 2nd… It will be released… I gotta tip my hat to the DJs who put out mixtapes tho because originally I thought this was as easy as collect songs, promote it & put it out smh was I sadly mistaken lol but it’s on the way it’ll be here May 2nd

Ha, the process of collecting music alone needs to be honored for DJs. The stuff that comes along with it, lol…. Well thats another interview, we will save that for May 3rd. Well I appreciate you for taking out for this #EverybodyHatesPest interview. Before I let you go tho, tell everyone why you Hate DJ Pest

Come on now EVERYBODY HATES PEST he’s THE BAD GUY everybody hates a good BAD GUY haaa AYE PEST KEEP WORKIN HOMIE I SEE YOU #salute

Fasho family.

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