A Letter from ‘I Rather Accessorize’

The first time someone told me I was the strongest person they know, I was about thirteen or fourteen years old.

That same person told me that same thing after the death of my oldest sister. She passed away March 13, 2006 the day before her 19th birthday of natural causes. Those natural causes were sickle cell and diabetes. The loss of her didn’t allow me to feel very strong anymore. In fact I felt the complete and total opposite, and from time to time I still do. I try my best to pull myself out of it, because my sister wouldn’t want that for me. You see she was a person of great strength. She never let those illnesses stop nor discourage her. Having dealt with multiple doctor’s visits, hospital stays, finger pokes, insulin, and aching limbs. My sister was at a disadvantage and still got through those times of pain and weakness and lived her life when she felt well enough. Always remaining positive and most important…the same girl I know and love. This line is dedicated to her. A person of great strength and perseverance. Nothing is the same for me without her but losing her helped me realize my own strength. So I always hope, and always persevere.

*10% of all proceeds from this line will be donated to the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America and the American Diabetes Association.*

Always hope, Always persevere.

-Allyssa Denard

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