Game Posts IG Pic Flexin’ on Police While Being Arrested

It’s unclear exactly what happened, but West Coast rapper The Game definitely got into a situation which required police to apparently arrest him and one of his associates. Game posted an Instagram picture while sitting on the sidewalk next to his boy, both with their legs extended straight out on the concrete and their hands behind their backs, presumably wearing handcuffs.

While Game’s friend kept his head down, Game confidently held his chin up high and stared into the camera with his left leg crossed over the other, appearing to be unrattled by the situation. A police car can be seen parked on the sidewalk a little farther down the block from where they were sitting, and a few pedestrians were also captured in the picture walking by.

The photo was posted on Instagram with a truly “bossin'” caption that read:

“Me & @moneygangworldwide might be headed downtown to the twin towers… Only thing bout going to jail as a rich ni**a is that… We bail out before we take mugshots #F*ckThePolice #BloodMoney #LaFamilia”

It seems as though even while in handcuffs and about to head to bookings, Game still ain’t got no worries. Check out Game flexin’ for the gram while being arrested.


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