Supreme Chaos Causes A Change In Supreme Foamposite Release

The hype maybe was a bit too much for the Nike Foamposite X Supreme collaboration yesterday. Anticipation for such a long length of time only created more publicity and more sneaker lovers to get on board for the shoe’s launch.

Now that is normally expected and should occur to a certain extent but the amount of people who were ready to get their pair yesterday was unrealistic. Because of the incalcuable amount of people that were ready to get in line for Nike X Supreme Foamposite, the NYPD shut the whole release down. The amount of people trying to get the shoe could have possibly caused some conflict putting too many people at risk, so the NYPD coordinated with Supreme staff and postponed the shoe’s release to today. The Nike X Supreme Foamposites were sold online and the inventory emptied almost instantly. Thumbs up for those who got their pair and sorry for those who didn’t. Check out some of the photos and highlights from yesterdays sneaker travesty

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