Nicki Minaj Hits Back at Lawsuit Claiming She Stole “Starships”

Chicago artist Clive Tanaka is suing Nicki Minaj, claiming that she stole his song “Neu Chicago” from him for her song “Starships,” but the YMCMB superstar hit back at the claims, saying that she had never met him or heard the song until she was sued. Nicki says that she got the “Starships” demo from RedOne, and later changed the lyrics and verses.

Songwriters Carl Falk, Wayne Hector, and Rami Yacoub are also named in the lawsuit, as Tanaka claims that they originally heard “Neu Chicago” in their native Sweden, where it was played in several television ads. Nicki acknowledged that the writers penned the song in Sweden, which was later sent to RedOne in 2011, and adds that Tanaka released the track in 2010, but didn’t register until a year after “Starships” dropped.


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