(Audio) Cam’ron Drops Jay Z’s Name on “We Made It” Freestyle

While Cam’ron and Jay Z have had their differences in the past, it appears as though Cam’s latest mention of Jay on his Drake and Soulja Boy “We Made It” freestyle, isn’t in a negative light. He begins by saying Jay’s name after he shouted out the likes of Kanye West and Kevin Hart as being individuals who “made it” big in terms of success. Cam almost immediately clarified for any doubters, that what he was about to say was not intended to be perceived as a diss when he rapped:

“Okay Jay (we know he made it)/ I know he gonna say that he did it hisself/ This ain’t a diss or ain’t nothing ’bout wealth/ This is about how real ni**as don’t tell/ And, you, Dame, and Big made it outta the hell.”

Last year Jay spoke on how he helped make Cam’ron rich on Drake’s “Pound Cake,” which prompted Cam to respond on his “Come and Talk to Me” track. Maybe in 2014 the back-and-forth will minimize between the two veterans of the rap game.

Soucre: AllHipHop.com

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