Not About Size, The Game Got Turned Down To Fight George Zimmerman Because…

Sooooo it came down to money?! SMH. It was revealed that DMX will be stepping in the ring to fight George Zimmerman. A lot of people are not happy that this fight is taking place, but if some had a choice they would have rather had The Game beat Zimmerman. So why didn’t it happen?! Game says Zimmerman is scared, but the promoter is saying something else. I’m confused about this because I thought all money was going to charity — I didn’t think anyone was getting paid. This really isn’t a good idea. SMH. Hit the jump for details…

Via TheGrio:
Damon Feldman, a former boxing professional and the organizer of celebrity boxing matches, confirmed to theGrio Wednesday that George Zimmerman will officially be entering the ring with rapper DMX.
Feldman has received over 15,000 emails from people and celebrities nationwide who wish to take on Zimmerman in the ring, including Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, and rapper The Game.
Rapper The Game — who has a tattoo of the late Trayvon Martin on his leg — originally volunteered to participate in the match. However, Feldman declined his request stating that they couldn’t afford the rapper’s asking price to participate in the match: “The Game wanted too much money,” Feldman told theGrio.

Exact number via BSO:

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